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Chris, thanks for posting, that was just what I needed right now. I’m usually in that determined warrior mode, (determined trooper, I like that Barb :)) but have been discouraged lately. But now I’m back to clenching everything ; ). I’ve been meaning to write… you asked how I was doing a while ago.
This might not be the place for this, & it won’t be a good reply… busy at work. but I wanted to share a couple of things & ask a question while I’m at it.

My fracture wasn’t very bad. I was given PWB way earlier than I expected.. after about 8 weeks. I couldn’t take full advantage of it, because a couple of days before my appt, I lost my balance, fell, & landed on my Voyager seated scooter, & broke a rib or 2. Not a good mix with crutches… this one has been a real challenge to my good attitude. ; ). It still hurts to breathe, but they’re better than they were.

Oh…. I really recommend those scooters. I have one at work & one at home. I got mine on e-bay. My hands were numb all the time from the crutches.. and my shoulders were a mess too. They took a while to get used to but have been a wonderful help. They even have a basket. Just don’t fall on them!

I see my ortho dr. this coming Tuesday & there’s a good chance I’ll be FWB after that. I start PT the following Friday. I’ll be able to see my favorite therapist, and can’t wait to start getting some definite guidelines. It’s been very frustrating to not know how much I could do & be safe. Chomping at the bit. I wish my PT would have started sooner.
This does lead me to one question. My doctor gave me clearance to use an exercise bike when I was there last, but I didn’t have access to one until a few days ago. Do you have any idea of how much/ how often? Or what to look for indicate that I should back off? I’ve been working really hard at using one crutch… hadn’t initially because it hurt my ribs, but then I realized I couldn’t just go from either 2 crutches or a scooter to FWB without a transition! It was really hard at first but I’ve gotten used to it. But now after I use the bike.. say 10 min., longest was 15, it’s harder to walk. My legs feel shaky. And I have pain esp. in the back of my knee that sometimes nothing will resolve. I used to have it but it had stopped about a month ago. Pain I can handle. I’ve never done a tri of any length but I’ve done 3 marathons, & was injured for all of them. (am very familiar with your quote :)) But I don’t want to have a setback. Am concerned especially about the cartilage. And I know that when our legs are really tired our muscle recruitment patterns get messed up.
So, any suggestions would be welcome.

I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean for this to be all about me. I wish all of you the best. And thanks for your examples of keeping a good perspective, and of really cultivating genuine gratitude for all of the good things that we have. All you have to do is listen to the news to know how much we really have to be thankful for. Chris I hope you’re able to get back some of your activities…. it doesn’t seem that you need it right now, but just in case, for more perspective, a friend of mine’s (the one I mentioned when I sent those proprioceptive links) wife used to do Ironman tri’s, & now she has MS. I’ve kept her in mind when I get discouraged. We have this life, and the gift seems to be in making the very most of it that we can. And realizing the joy that’s right there.

take care,