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Hello. I had screws removed four weeks ago. They caused me a lot of pain when I walked for any length of time and especially on uneven ground such as forest trails or cobblestones. I had the operation as a day patient and was off work for two weeks and am on light duties for four weeks. I’ve not to sky-dive, play rugby or fall off my bike for a few more months. The operation was not that painful and I took paracetemol and used ice for a few days. I did not need crutches. I have a hard, slightly tender lump measuring about one inch in the area of the incision and am told that this sometimes happens. I go back to see the doctor about it tomorrow. Surfing the net has made me wonder if it is a hard seroma. It is not a big deal and I can live with it. Life is great without the screws. They don’t wake me up at night and over the Easter weekend I went for long walks across the moors – something that would have caused problems before.