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Hi all
On March 22nd I fell from a height of approx 2.5feet, landing upright on the medial aspect of my right ankle which caused a comminuted depressed lateral TPF. I had surgery 24 hours later which included screws and bone grafting and was discharged from hospital the next day with crutches, hinged leg brace and NWB for 8 weeks. I was reviewed by my surgeon a week later and my wound has healed well, with only some aching in my knee.
My main issue has been pain, swelling and inability to undertake ROM exercises in my ankle due to what feels like something grabbing at the medial side of my it when I try to move it. I even went to an after hours clinic at my local hospital 2 weeks post injury and requested an ankle x-ray to ensure there was no damage or break that had not been identified at the time of the initial fall. All I kept getting told is I have to expect pain and swelling due the injury.
It is now 5 weeks since my fall and I see the surgeon in two weeks, I’m hoping he will give me the go ahead to start exercising and partial weight bearing then (even though it will only be 7 weeks).
Reading that others have experienced pain etc in their ankle has reassured me that I am not losing the plot or being a typical nurse that self-diagnoses and this site has given me a place where I can talk to others that have gone through this.
Feel guilty when friends ask “how is your leg?” and all I can think of replying is “well it’s still connected to my body”.
Staying positive is not always easy and it’s hard not to get frustrated when you are used to being very active but I will get there.