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Hi Brandon,

My injury was very similar to yours, and I am amazed that you are bending your knee 90 degrees at three weeks out. I was not allowed to bend my leg at all for a month! PT normally starts when you begin PWB (partial weight bearing)and ROM is one of the first goals. Don’t worry, you’ll get pretty close to full ROM back, how soon depends on how hard you’re willing to work at it. Everything you’re feeling is typical, but I get the impression you are in a hurry to get back on your feet. A TPF typically takes months to heal, and if you do too much too soon you can set yourself back. Now the calf pain: if it’s just muscle pain, don’t worry. If you are feeling extreme pain, or if the skin in the area is hot, call your doctor. If you are looking for quick answers or to share experiences, try going to There are many TPFers on that board.