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Wow 6 weeks!!!!! Me I fell on 12/15/14 had first surgery 12/16/13 and second one 1/17/14. I was non weight barring until 4/11/14. I felt my recovery was in slow motion until I started weight barring. Now there seems to be daily progress for the most part. I can now do stairs upright not by scooting on my back side up the stairs. I can stand and wash dishes, load my own laundry and transfer to the dryer. I walk with a walker most of the time but am slowly progressing to a tri-pod cane. Emotionally I’m still on a roller coaster because this injury has majorly in packed on my life style. I fret as to whether I’ll ever walk unassisted, ride my bike or be able to go camping/fishing with my grand children. At times I feel like my life totally sucks and I get quite down. Then with a lot of self talk I move forward….that’s basically my life these days.