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I had my TPF on March 23 when two Viszlas (60 lb hunting dogs) crashed into each other and my left knee at the same time, knocking me down. Surgical repair done March 31 and placed in heavy plaster cast. I had a fibreglass cast applied April 10th. Follow up scheduled May 8th at the Fracture Clinic. I’m not sure what to expect. I’ve been NWB since accident.

Prior to injury I was spinning five times a week and walking my dog 10 k a day. I’m struggling with immobility, manipulating my crutches, being housebound and so many other limitations. I’ve tried bagging my cast to shower but I always seem to get some water in my cast so I’ve been sticking to ‘bird baths’ which are no fun. I bum scoot up and down the stairs.

What is a realistic prognosis for me? I’m a 54 very healthy active mom with an exuberant pup ( who unfortunately has been staying with my sister as he was reacting to my crutches, wheelchair, ect).

Any tips, recommendations would be welcomed.