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Hi Diane,
I am now about 90 degree flexion. I refused surgery even though the OS was leaning on me very hard to do it. I am using the flexionator, which seems to be working and wished I could’ve gotten it sooner. also had a lot of problems with swelling and old fluid in lower leg and foot. I started wearing gradual compression thigh high hose that has helped. Also massage and cupping massage has been very beneficial. The cupping has really loosened the tissues and moves out the fluid build up through the lymph nodes.

One day, we will have to start a ROM post and tell how our devices helped us etc The range is still coming but very slowly so I am hoping that is a good sign. I am able to slowly walk down the steps like a normal person, minus the speed, so the bend is coming!!! I constantly have to stay focused on progress, no matter how small, so I don’t become discouraged!!!

Take care everyone!