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I was diagnosed with tpf on April 16 (injury April 15) and had a CT done yesterday, May 9. I go back to the doctor with the disc on May 12 so he can decide upon surgery. The time issue is due to this being a Worker’s Compensation issue, my knee was injured by the center doing a CT on the ankle I had fused December 2013 and it took them 2 1/2 weeks to decide to cover the knee.
I seem to have a lot of things working against me, I still have to wear an ankle brace and currently have a straight leg knee brace that goes fro my upper thigh to the top of the ankle brace. They did tell me I could take the knee brace off a coupe of times a day to flex the knee CAREFULLY. I live in a rural location, no neighbors or friends to help but I do have a relative that cooks for me and drives me around. I can’t use crutches and a wheelchair won’t fit through the doors of my house so for most of the time I’m stuck in my bedroom/bathroom using a rolling walker to sit on and scoot with my good foot. Due to the type of tub and shower I have I can’t use either of them so I got those bath cloths to use, the problem is my waist-length hair. The walker has to go through my bedroom door folded so I need someone here to help. I also have 3 stairs to get to an outside door and then more steps. With the 2 braces I need help to get dressed
This site has given me a list of questions for the doctor, I wish it hadn’t taken me so long to find it but here rural=no wifi and dial-up internet is soooo slow.
I’m worried about my foot and ankle even more though since I can’t do many of the regular ankle exercises with it being fused.