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I feel ya. I know it can be frustrating!!! I started a praise journal of all the new accomplishments and stayed focused on them instead of what I couldn’t do. I had extreme lower leg ankle and foot swelling and tightness. Check out the posts in foot circulation.
Also I have experienced pain, tightness and swelling in other areas of my leg and so have others that I talked to. My friend is a personal trainer and suffered a quad injury. He said all those muscles in the whole leg, feet etc have not been stretched or used and they are going to feel it. Some ppl experience it in different areas. Or it seems for me, that the areas are always changing. One gets better and then I get a new one to stretch and work on

Just be mindful of symptoms for blood clots but my doc said the more you are up and moving the less likely you will get them

Try to relax and stay positive and thankful for the good. You will be noticing many new accomplishments at this stage!!!