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I too am feeling what you’re feeling. I wasn’t put in a cast, but had my leg straight in a locked brace for two weeks with my leg above my heart unless I was in the bathroom. Sleeping on my back was not comfortable as I am a side sleeper and sitting ALL day does get old. I am very active and love to be outside playing with my 4 year old. My injury occurred one month yesterday with surgery one month from the 24th. I have started PT and can bend my leg now to 93 degrees! This is my 4th PT visit and I’m doing well. Best piece of advice I can give you is to focus on the next step and embrace this time! The more relaxed you are the faster you will heal. I have had some really rough days, but sitting outside or doing something “normal” is the best medicine! I could not take pain meds after a couple of days because I got the flu. Honestly, it helped me more to get off the meds, but I did use them at night. I know everyone heals at different rates and paid management is a very hard thing, but I was shocked at how much better i felt just being able to bend my leg. Hang in there, this too shall pass!! Get Netflix and catch up on some frivolous TV 🙂 you can’t change where you are right now so embrace it and let yourself relax and heal!