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Hello all – my story: (54 yrs old). I was run into on the ski slope and was slammed into a tree right below my right knee and above my boot. I was rushed to the hospital nearby and had emergency surgery. Type VI and 20 screws. I am now 10 weeks post op and 50% WB. I am hoping to go to WBAT at week 12. I am no stranger to lower leg surgeries having both Achilles rupture and two hip replacements but none of those were anywhere near as difficult as TPF. Though my pain has subsided to tolerable levels, I stills have sensations that make it very difficult to sleep. I am very active and being at home with such a slow recovery is very difficult. I have watched about every episode of every tv show! My biggest concern right now is the pain just below my knee after doing any PT along with swelling that has still not gone down.

Very glad to have another place to share and encouraged by what I’ve read from others. Seems like everyone has a different experience and there is no “normal and customary”. I can only hope my recovery goes well and I’m off crutches in two weeks which will really make life easier. Thanks for listening!