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austin uhlmansiek

I jumped down 3 stairs one night back in late august of last year. Rember landing on the grown in ungodly pain. Tried to get up and walk thinking my knee just gave out again. I immediately fell over. Went to the er where I screamed in pain and they offered me ibprofen, I kept moaning loudly to annoy them till they cared. When they came back with the ex rays they sang a different tune. I guess I had a tpf and it was shattered. They took a pint of blood out of my kneend gave me a external fixated. When back In a month later and had two more surgeries one the doctor said he quite counting pieces of bone in just one side at 32 and found pieces of bone in my thigh which he said he has only seen on a person with a parachute that didn’t open. This was all the worst pain ever. One of nurses stole my morphine upon exiting the hospital. Two months later until I could start walking in jan. Got off the meds, was going to physical therapy for awhile then it there was a transportation issue so I stopped but everything was time hobbelimg around until I stepped in a small hole. Now it hurts every time I walk, it seems more stiff, and now my whole leg hurts even when just lying down. I don’t get it. Made another doctor appt. But it seems like this is going to be never ending. I would also like to add that I read all these stories back in oct and through out. It helped out a lot knowing what others going through the same thing. Thanks