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Hello Judy! I think I was about a month after you with my fracture (12/13/13). I progressed from walker to cane. Stopped using the cane in the house, but developed back pain from limping so pt suggested I use the cane more as my leg is still very weak. I am now five months post surgery. I still cannot stand for more than ten to fifteen minutes. Still unable to work as my job requires walking most of a ten hour day. ROM is still only @100-108 degrees. Still going to pt twice per week and doing several things at home. I still can’t cook a meal without having to sit at some point, but I can cook! My family and pt keep reminding me how far I’ve come. I was still in wheelchair in February. A lot of things are much easier. The pains and weakness are still there, some days better than others. I drove by myself to pt for the first time this week. (It is my right leg). OS is pleased at my progress, slow and steady. Just too slow for me of course! How is your recovery coming along? Very well I hope. Thanks to all for sharing.