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Tpf feb 15/14 right leg
In full cast for five weeks then leg brace 8 weeks with weaning off brace currently.
Went back to work six weeks in for mental and physical benefits. It was hard at first even working only part time. Pt 2times a week. Swimming 1x aweek and bike riding daily. Just starting to complete full weight bear with walker with four wheels. See improvement each day. Right now dealing with very sore inside of knee with full weight bearing. Seems to be just left and a little below the knee cap. There is some swelling but nothing major.

This has been a real experience and I do not wish it upon anyone! I feel my life has changed in a blink of an eye but I’m fighting back! It’s the inability that’s the hardest for I was very active in my life.

Thankyou for letting me talk out loud because for the most part people do not understand or get what u r going through