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Hi Yamal, actually i,m doing fine! After 6 weeks i was allowed FWB, which i couldn,t of course, but i exercised a lot and i had physio twice a week. My pt had never met a patient with a TPF, so she didn’t give me particular workout, but i am creative and made my own schedule of exercises, i read many stories and implemented tips of fellow TPFers…
After 5 month, i walk quite normal again, at first elderly people with walkers just raced me by, i ride my bike, ( since a few month already..)i cook, clean, do shoppings, take care of my children, started to work, and all the other things that make a ‘normal’ life.
There are some limitations yet, which i’m determined to cross, like i cannot run, sit on my knees and i’m stiff when i get up in the morning or after sitting for awhile, but thats nothing compared to where i’ve been!
Yesterday my wheelchair was picked up, it seems like a very long time already that i had to be wheeled in the world, i certainly learned a lot throughout this whole experience!
Be patient and check out which other exercise you might do in this NWB episode of your life!
Regards to you, Miriam