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Hi Jamal – Hang in there, and I know everyone says that but it is true, your leg is in the process of healing and on the road to recovery. I suffered a TPF almost 3 years ago and under went a 7 hr surgery that resulted in a large plate and too many screws to count. Like you, I suffered emotionally from this because my mobility was taken from me and I totally had to depend on others to make it through the day on simple tasks that you generally take for granted. I was not able to bear weight on my leg for 6 weeks after surgery and once they gave me the go ahead it was like I had to learn to use that one leg all over again. I used a walker at first and then graduated to a cane to assist me. PT was awesome, a lot of hard work and pain but worth every minute of it. Now, almost 3 years out, my leg is 99% straight, no signs of anything when I walk and I can do a jog, ride bikes, ect…although I am very aware of the hardware in my leg it can sometimes limit me mentally and physically. I do feel soreness in my knee and foot when I over extended myself, but rest and ice (if needed) quickly resolves the issue. Aside from the ugly scar on the back of my calf, all is good. Remember, it is a long road to recovery but you will get there…stay positive 🙂