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Reesa Barr

Hi Sandy,

On February 4th, 2010 on my way to the gym at 6:30am, I slipped and fell on an icy sidewalk. When I landed, I wiggled both hips, and checked out my knees and was relieved that only embarrassment had occurred. When a man on the street offered to help me get up, I accepted and that how the tpf occurred – my foot slipped on the ice and my knee torqued and the rest is history.

I didn’t require surgery once they figured out what I had because I also tried the RICE protocol for a few days before going for x-rays. I was put into a Zimmer brace and told to remain home and off it for 8 weeks. My doctor is a form believer that you only have one chance to heal properly and that way you avoid future problems resulting from a tpf. After 8 weeks, I started physiotherapy but was then informed that my doctor believed in non weight bearing up to 6 months. Although that frustrated me, I listened because I trusted him. The physiotherapists at the hospital where he is Chief of Orthopedics told me that he is the only one who follows this protocol, but they all agreed that his patients rarely have problems later – that was all I needed to hear.

To be truthful, the entire recovery experience has a nightmare emotionally because I am extremely independent and requiring others to do almost everything for me was a real eye-opener. However, I realize now, almost 4 years later to the day, that everything I did resulted in me being able to tell you that today I sometimes have to think about which knee I broke! I have had no problems since and I don’t ever feel pain.

So, be really patient. Don’t rush the healing. It takes about a year to be back to new but it’s worth it. Good luck!