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Chris Hope

I have a question for those that have recovered or are close to recovering from TPF. The surgeon cleared me this past Wednesday to return to work in another week or so light duty for a week, and then full load the week after Dec 10th. I am a PT working in a nursing home so I need complete balance and stability to do my job. I felt pretty good leaving the surgeons office so I decided to run a few errands for my wife. I went to Costco to pick up some food etc. I’m still using the cane, but I can walk fairly well without it. I was on my feet for maybe an hour throughout the day in total. My foot/ankle and knee were so swollen at the end of the day leaving me very despondent that something is wrong. I propped my leg up, iced it, and the swelling went down to almost normal size.

My question is this: Is the swelling just a reaction to increased workload? Is this typical? It’s not painful, but the swelling makes me limp more. Will this get better as I gradually increase my time on my feet? Has anyone worn compression stockings or a knee brace to help during this transition? Any input is appreciated.
Thanks in advance,