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Hey Chris!
It’s nice to see that you are active on the site and I hope people will soon see your posts and may be able to answer based on experiences of their own.
As far as the swelling and my own experiences, I can say that this is normal to some extent, I’m not sure weather the best treatment would be to rest more or just let it pass, but I have tried compression stockings and they worked quite well for me, I still use them sometimes if I am sore after a PT session, other things that also helped are icing and of course elevation of the leg. During the night, you are not supposed to wear the stockings but sleeping with an elevated leg helps a lot. If you are uncomfortable raising all the leg, even a pillow under your knee will go a long way. If the swelling gets worse, there are medications that can help. Also, there are different levels and sizes of pressure stockings so different strengths might fit you better.

And one last thing – your bandages can also be a cause if swelling, if you are bandaged only around the knee, this is not optimal, as the pressure from bandages over a specific area might cause swelling in different areas. If you are bandaged, you should be bandaged from the ankle up, or very loosely and this will prevent some swelling.