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Chris Hope

Shlomi, I found a good listing of TPF protocol that you could use to add to the protocol for PT section. What you have is good. I’d add some knee cap/patellar mobilizations as well as some more ankle mobility/strengthening such as ankle alphabet, resisted ankle and foot drills by hand and with theraband. For me the biggest hurdle has been foot/ankle pain when weight bearing began brought about because I didn’t do enough foot/ankle exercises during NWB. I feel I wouldn’t have had as much trouble now had I done these exercises while I was NWB. Even though we are NWB for several weeks, I feel from my experience that putting resistance through the foot simulating weight bearing is crucial to avoid the foot pain when weight bearing begins. Just my 2 cents.
Here is the link:

Hope this helps. I have followup with surgeon next Weds. Right now I couldn’t return to work, but I’m hoping I have a big week in therapy and make some good progress. I commend you for this site. Of course, we always have to keep in mind, everyone is different. But these general guidelines are a great start.