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Hi Everybody. I skidded off of my moped on 9/27/13. The full weight of my body and the scooter slammed on my left leg. I tried to bend my leg to get up then and could feel the bone under the skin move in ways it never should. What a memory.

I had two surgeries for external fixators…one was put in wrong! Then I changed to a trauma surgeon and all went smooth. I had orif surgery 10/14… needed over two weeks for the swelling to go down enough for surgery. I have 1 large plate and 1 small one and 14 screws in my leg. Almost like a cup holding the peices together inside it. Doc says I can start to try to walk on Christmas day, a few steps. My recovery has been slow but steady and I have a long way to go. It will be 10 weeks nwb before I try.

I just stopped taking my hydro meds because I was concerned with dependence.I get discomfort when bending my leg, but not enough pain to need opiates.

I am close to 100 degree bending and maybe one degree off in extension. I do easy yoga stretches and they help me with not only extension, but in easing the feeling of my muscles being restless.

Some days I struggle with feeling like this is forever and that I could be doing so much more. Then my fiance reminds me that I will need this leg the rest of my life, and that healing and taking my time is the most important thing I could possibly do. Very true.

My advice to anyone is to make sure you are getting your rom back… even tiny increments because it will get there over time. Don’t compare others injuries or recovery to yours because there are too many variables. And try to take it easy. Enjoy this miraculous thing our bodies are going through. Don’t rush recovery!