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Hi everyone. I was in a car accident yesterday on the way home from work and received a TPF in my right leg as well as a concussion (and 15 minutes of time that I was either unconscious or don’t remember). I’m normally a very active person and can’t stand laying around doing nothing. I know I have a long recovery ahead, and the “fun” is only beginning, but I doubt my ability to stay same the entire time. My amazon kindle and laptop computer were both broken in the accident so I’m stuck laying on the couch watching tv all day.

I at least managed to beg the doctor to allow me back to work on very light, sitting only duty after missing only one day. I go back to work tonight (graveyard shift).

I saw a surgeon today and found out that I’m going to need surgery on it, likely sometime next week. I’m really not looking forward to the long road back, especially because I would be fine if a specific someone decided not to run a red light yesterday.

Any tips anyone can offer on staying sane would be appreciated