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My family has always joked that I am a klutz. I proved it on a cruise vacation. We were docked in Nassau, Bahamas. My friend and I had a GREAT day. We were on our way back to the cruise ship and I fell. Just walking, mis-stepped, and fell. At first I just laughed at myself until I realized I could not stand back up… at all. Then things got scary. My friend had to leave me on the sidewalk by myself to go back to the ship to get help. She had my id, money and everything. I was paranoid of not being able to get back to the ship and being left there. Finally someone came with a golf cart. Scooting across the ground to get into it was probably the most painful experience of my life. They took me back to the ship. In the infirmary of the ship they were able to take x-rays and give me a temporary cast. There were still 2 days left of the cruise. I laid on the couch the rest of the cruise. Once back home I went to an orthopedist and had MRI and CT scans done. Luckily I did not tear any tendons or ligaments. Just a small meniscus tear that the doctor says is not enough to be concerned about right now. My surgery was originally supposed to be outpatient, however the CT showed more damage than originally seen in the X-Ray. I had multiple fractures – one extending vertically down the bone about an inch and a half and one horizontally across the top. I required 2 metal plates – one on each side of the bone, and 9 screws. I am 13 days post-op now. I use a rollator, which is great. I recommend it over crutches if you are like me and cannot keep your balance on crutches. I had a wedding planned for March 1st, which I now have to postpone. I find myself experiencing huge emotional “episodes.” I want to cry for no apparent reason except the extreme frustration of not being able to do anything easily myself. The doctor is not releasing me for work for at least 3 months. He says I can go back after Christmas on “light duty.” Not an easy thing to do as a hotel manager, but I am hoping I can figure it out and stay sane.