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Michele Mac

Hi my fellow TPFers,on 11/1/13 I fell from the top of a 6 ft ladder,landing on my right foot/ leg which proceeded to crunch in my knee and then rolled the ankle. I knew immediately something was very wrong since leg wouldn’t move .I also was at work ps. My “new job less than a year great impression” anyway one ambulance ride later to a trauma center and xrays tada!!!! I have a Type 5 TPF, might be a 6 asking for sure Monday 1/6/14. Oh I shattered my tibia plateaux 2 plates 10 screws and broke fibula,with a severe ankle sprain that is tender to the touch still,surgery was 4 days later due to swelling,whick by the way my incision is still not healed PO 8 wks. Don’t remember going home and the first few weeks ,my pain was beyond excrutiating!!!! I too exp depression and was diagnosed with PTSD by MD. Have that under control now so far, I have done my very best to learn as much as possible about this very cunning,individual,rarely happens injury lol.I have to wait 1 more month til PWB hopefully started Physio last week at office been doing the prior at home with home are worked my ass off last 2 weeks to get ROM to 90 or OS threatened Manipulation so I said No way am goibg back to hospital!!! So on Monday I hit 114 ROM yeah me!!! What I have learned so far,ask for help ,get fresh air,occupy your brain,educate yourself,be patient I have now accepted MY recovery will probably be in the 1-2 Year range. Last that EVERY TPF is unique and no recovery is the same, they say its the injury that keeps giving back!!!! Lol Happy New Year everyone,and heathy healing, I have to work on my diet I have lost a ton of weight and muscle boo, but reading your page has shown me what I need to be doing.So grateful to have found this site!!!