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Hi Heather!

I have been dealing with some depression issues too. Mine is mostly from not being able to some things I used to do. I still am unable to drive, my reflexes are so bad I don’t think I could, although I have not tried.

I am almost 18 wks post surgery, I am using forearm crutches to walk, but it does get painful after a while. Physio is rough, I have under 90 degrees of flex in the knee still. My physical therapist is a cheerleader and everything is going to be great! My doctor thinks things will be fine, except you might need another surgery or three.

I am happy enough to be walking with crutches, much better than the wheelchair or the walker. I know it is going to be a long road and that gets to me.

I have read other pages and some of the younger folks recover well under a year and are back to doing the things they love, running, snow boarding, skiiing, etc.

You are not alone out there, and sounds like you are doing pretty well for only a few months.