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Hi Ken,

Thank you for your response. I woke up this morning in so much pain. At physio yesterday they tried to get me to do lunges. I couldn’t do one, now I can’t even bend my leg without a piercing pain down my tibia. As much as I don’t like to hear that someone else is going through this, it is somewhat comforting knowing I am not alone. I understand about the frustration of not being able to drive. I also didn’t drive for a while, I even took the insurance off my car as it was just sitting there. It makes it more difficult when people say “can’t you drive? You probably can”, but you know your body and only you know whether you can or not. And when you can, you will know and you will give it a try. I am driving now but have to get in slowly as I can’t twist my leg or put too much pressure on it. As for the crutches, I am completely with you on this! My hands were SO sore! I would dread even having to crutch to the washroom because it would hurt my hands so much. My surgeon recommended trying one crutch which slowly decreased the pain on my hands. I even started hopping around on one foot to avoid using them. Are you able to put any weight on your leg yet while using the crutches? You will be without them soon enough, just try to stay positive. Thank you again for the post and I hope the rest of your healing goes well for you, I’m sure it will. 🙂