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    jeremy p

    I broke my Tibia Plateau back in September and have had 4 surgerys because I developed compartment syndrome after my hardware surgery. Anyway my outpatient program was a little slow scheduling my PT appointments and I didnt end up bending my knee till about 2 months post surgery, I got to about 70 degrees before I was told to just continue doing my home exercises and not to schedule anymore sessions with my physical therapist but to schedule an appointment with my doctor in about 6 months. Well its been several months and I havent gotten much more ROM and am worried it may be too late to recover anymore function in my leg. I was just wondering if anyone else has had success in developing ROM 4 or more months post surgery? And if I need to be pressureing my doctor for more PT sessions? I did not have health insurance at the time of my accident so maybe ive gotten the back burner a bit who knows, but any suggestions might help.

    Thanks guys.

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      How does a PT make that decision?? See your OS as soon as possible. Get answers, get information, and advocate for yourself.

      I wish you good healing.


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      Jeremy p,

      I also had compartment syndrome. I had 6 surgeries with the repair surgery almost 7 weeks ago. 2 plates and 15 screws. I have been going to PT for 3 weeks but only have 60 ROM. I hope you improve. I’m also worried about improvement but this forum find has really helped my mental state.

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