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    Hi guys. I had my operation on 4 Feb and I am supposed to be 6 weeks NWB. I guess I am a little worried because on about 2 occasions I accidently stumbled after losing my balance and put weight on the leg. I was also wheeled into a couple of potholes which really jarred my knee. As you might expect – it really, really hurt. I supose I’m a little worried about this and hope it won’t have affected recovery.

    Also – I am using a zimmerframe as I feel safer than when I’m on crutches. Everyone keeps telling me to use crutches and that it’s better for me than a zimmer whereas the physio said to do whatever feels best. What are your opinions?

    Last thing.. and this is really worrying me. My physio has given me a week to be able to use my quads to lift my lower leg when a pillow is placed under the knee. I CAN’T DO IT. I just stare at my leg willing it to do something but it just lays there like a useless lump of meat. I am frustrated and worried that the muscle has just completely wasted away. Did anyone else experience this problem?

    Thanks guys. Sarah xxxxx

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      My doctor said that my hardware is intended to stay in.

      I know what you mean about the peeling skin. I am convinced that it is from the regular swelling and contracting after elevation or icing. Vitamin E oil has helped some, but not a lot.

      Hang in there. Even as slow as it is, any progress is progress.

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      P.S – Pamela, I can’t even think of how I’d do straight leg raises.. I think that’ll be quite some time away at the rate Im going. I believe my quads have atrophy. When I tense up it’s just jelly I feel compared to my good leg that feels hard.

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      Thanks so much for taking the time to reply. It really helps to know you’re all out there – suffering like me!! I really wish it wasn’t so of course.
      Well a few of you have had really dreadful falls and I’m so sorry for you as they must have killed. It’s a relief knowing it didn’t affect your recoveries.
      I was wondering about a couple more things that your posts brought up – is getting the hardware removed recommended? Also, are pins and needles normal?
      I’ll investigate the electric stimulation for sure. Physio seems like a full time job at the mo plus keeping my leg moistured though nothing seems to be working with the quads and skin is peeling off like a snake’s.
      Hope you’re all okay this lovely, sunny Friday. Xx

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      Hi Sarah,

      Looks like we have all fallen or something. I have fallen and stumble, one time right after surgery on my crutches, (last time I used them) and the last time I tripped I wasn’t suppose to put ALL my weight on my leg, but that is in fact what happened when I stumbled and ended up on the TPF leg. Both times my leg seemed fine.
      Although this past weeks, I have had all my hardware removed. My leg got infected. No one is sure why it did that. I woke one morning 3 months after the surgery and my leg hurt right thru the middle of my knee cap into the back of my knee. A week of antibiotics orally did not help, a week in the hospital with much stronger antibiotics didn’t help so out everything came. The surgeon removed the plate, pin/screws, and wire that was used. My leg is healed enough to have it removed if I had to. I now feel like I don’t have the flu anymore. wow, with a temp and high white blood count I felt pretty bad. and now I am good. Hopefully, fingers crossed, that I take care of myself that my leg stays safe, only because I feel as though it needs to “harden” up. The doctor says no, but I know my body, and that is my tip, listen to your body.

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      Hi Sarah,
      I too had 2 bad falls early on after surgery. I overbalanced and fell on to the corner of a coffe table and then I fell off the crutches and landed flat on my back like a beetle! Both times I put weight on the leg but 7 months in my fracture has healed and I am awaiting removal of hardware as the plate is causing me some problems. I used the zimmer all the time. I was unsteady on crutches until I became FWB so I used the walking frame in and out of the house. I too slept with pillows under my leg. I had to sleep on my back for a while and gradually I could sleep on my side again much as you are doing. You must do what your body allows you to do and what feels most comfortable. I also had to sleep in my leg brace which was not easy. Don’t be pushed onto crutches until you are ready. That’s what I decided and I’m glad I did. The frame is much more stable when you are NWB. That exercise sounds hard. I could not do that for quite a long time but then I went to a private physio who got me moving again. Even now I am still working on those muscles. When I was NWB I used to sit on a chair with a soft cloth under my foot and push back which also worked the quads a little. I only had a 45 degree bend in my leg brace then so they were only small stretches. I used to lay on my back on my bed and physically lift my leg up with my hands. Maybe you could get yourself moving that way but you are still so early on. Ask your physio for easy ways to get things going. When you can do those exercises you will feel more confident and then you will be able to do more. It’s a mind game as well. About 3 weeks ago I had to teach myself how to walk downstairs. My brain is still resisting as it is in a one step at a time mode! Patience and perseverance are what I have learned with this injury. Others on this site will tell you the same. Try to stay positive and you will get there.
      Best wishes for your recovery.
      Lesley (UK)

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      If you had internal fixation (plates, screws) I doubt an accidental, short duration, weight placement would cause harm. Pain tells you to stop doing something so that you don’t cause injury. I would certainly let my doctor know, though, especially if I had new swelling or other symptoms.

      Use the walker if you are more comfortable. Crutches are more versatile but you have to be confident for your own piece of mind. I use the walker for short distance or for extra steadiness for getting in and out of the shower. Hopping with the walker has started to cause my hands to hurt. Heck, I use my wheelchair when I need to go a distance or want to go faster. Don’t worry about any stigma- this is about your physical and mental health.

      As far as your muscles not responding, expect your therapist to introduce some electrical stimulation to get them to “wake up.”

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      Pamela Taylor

      Wow! I am sorry that happened.
      As for your quads…do you do static tightening of your quads and straight leg raises? That might help if not.
      as for sleeping I put my leg on a pillow as well and sleep on my side now with that pillow between my legs.
      pain is certainly an issue though.
      I wish you all the best

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      P.S Is there a recommended position to sleep in? I raise my leg with a fairly flatish pillow and have it bent to the side (right leg bending right)

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