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    Hello, I recently had my Tibal plateau fractured and also broke my fibula. Had the surgery to correct the problems and now I am in the healing process. My question I have is about the muscle around the shin. I’m in a straight splint and cannot bend my knee, but the muscle around the shin is giving me trouble. It’s tightening up and spasming. Is this normal? I do still have after surgery swelling in the same area, not sure if that’s affecting the muscle as well? Thanks

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      Karen Lou

      I’ve been FWB since the 30th of June. Did great on that day, went to see ortho using a cane, by the end of the day my leg hurt so much I was back to the walker and used the walker for the next day or so. And that’s the way it’s been since- use the cane, leg hurts, back to walker. Here’s my question: should I be using the cane more, suffering through the pain, will this help in the long run or set me back?
      I have fairly good ROM-up to 90% , good flexation. Still doing my leg lifts 200 or more every day and stretching the hamstring out. Don’t have too many problems with leg strength. I expect I’ll be going to PT at the end of the month after my next appointment with ortho.
      I just don’t know if I should be pushing this more than I am. Any suggestions or thoughts would be greatly appreciated

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      I am 7 weeks post surgery for my tpf and knee dislocation, with an additional 3 breaks to the fibula.

      Yes, the sensations you are feeling are normal. Remember, our legs have been through a remarkable trauma, and those nerves and muscles are more than likely STILL trying to figure out what the hell happened!

      It’s going to take time, and your leg is going to feel lots of different sensations for a long time. I spend an entire hour once looking for a rock between my toes because I FELT it…not because one was there. It was a nerve just acting odd.

      Hang in there. Best of luck to you.

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      Hi John

      I smashed my tibia and broke my fibia (grade VI on Schatzker scale) at the end of April but they couldn’t operate for 10 days due to swelling. I was also in full leg cast initially and am now in a full leg brace which has adjustable range of movement and fasteners you can open. My leg is a really odd shape now as goes in where the fasteners are and swollen inbetween (looks like a model balloon animal that’s come undone is the best way I can describe it – very attractive!). The range of movement was initially set to 30 degrees then to 90 last week and hopefully they’ll remove it all together at next check next week. With regard to shin and surrounding muscles, mine are also very tight and nerve endings seem to have been affected which I guess is to be expected given the trauma of putting a plate and screws in – hopefully sensation will come back in due course. Keep positive and try to keep your leg elevated when sitting to try to reduce swelling (you’re probably doing this anyhow). I also try to do circles with my ankle and draw alphabet when sitting to hopefully keep muscles flexing as much as possible whilst non-weight bearing (hopefully move to PWB or FWB in a few weeks).

      Take care

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