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    Karen Lou

    I was getting grossed out by the amount of dried skin on my leg brace. I used one of those sticky 3M lint rollers, worked like a charm, also, used an exfoliating bath scrubby, you know-they’re netted, really worked wonders on all that dead skin.
    Just started fwb on Monday, June 30th. Tibial fracture on the 3rd of April, thank God no surgery was required, just the Bledsoe leg brace. How long before I will be able to walk without a cane and without pain? I can go for several hours now, but, by early afternoon, it’s back to the walker. Oh, by the way, if you can get a walker- DO IT!! Much easier to balance and it won’t tear up your shoulders like crutches can. I had to really swallow my pride and go to a walker, but, sure am glad I did.

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