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    I fell in late February, just a week after shoulder surgery, I was taken to hospital and x-rayed then told there was no break but given crutches and a tube bandage and told to walk normally but to take some of my weight with the crutches. I couldn’t do that because of the shoulder so mostly sat on the couch waiting to heal.
    I went back to work and driving a manual car two weeks later, putting up with the pain, trusting that the doctor in the hospital was right and that it would heal itself. Finally in May I went to my GP as the knee was still swollen to twice the size of my other one, the pain was terrible. He was appalled that the hospital had not investigated further and sent me for an MRI which came back diagnosing both a meniscus tear and a probably tibial plateau fracture. A CT followed which confirmed the TPF.
    The GP was confident that I would get in to the fracture clinic immediately and to listen to what they had to tell me. This was not the case and I waited for almost a month. I was given no information about NWB, no brace, no cast or even any advice, just told I had to see the fracture clinic. I rang continually but kept getting told they hadn’t received the referral from the referral hub yet – finally I got the GP to fax it directly to them and I got in to see them last week (the public health system is pathetic). I was told by the Doctor there “well, the fall was in February so it should be well and truly healed by now so I’m discharging you. You can partial weight bear and need to see the Orthopaedic Physiotherapy Screening Clinic for an opinion on your meniscus repair. They will do another MRI.” I’m still waiting for that appointment!
    Meanwhile the pain is increasing, particularly down the shin under my knee and I can’t sleep, every movement jolts it and it is agony. I have bought a support brace myself which does seem to help and I am using one crutch.
    Any advice you can give me would be most gratefully received. I am worried I am doing more damage by walking on it.

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      Karen Lou

      TPF can and will take up to a year to fully heal. Don’t put any weight on your leg, this can further damage the soft tissue in the knee and lead to arthritis issues in the future, also, can cause the tibia to fracture more. Elevate your leg-above your heart, ice it down for 20 minutes at a time. My TFP was a depression fracture with some small hair-line fractures at the top of the tibia- my doctor didn’t see it on the x-ray, but the radiologist did. I was immediately told- no weight bearing. Start using 2 crutches to keep your weight off your leg. When I went to see the orthopedist, I was put into a Bledsoe hinged leg brace, from half-way down my shin to half-way up my thigh. Not allowed to bend my knee for 2 months or put weight on it. These braces can be ordered on-line for about $150 US dollars (not sure if you’re in US or not). So, that’s my advice-NO WEIGHT BEARING until you find out what’s going on.

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      Hi Julie,

      You need to see an orthopedist asap!

      When you prefer natural remedies to ease the swelling you can use:
      – Slices of tofu. Put them on the swelling and leave them for several hours or during the night. Put a handkerchief over it or a cotton towel. I used legwarmers from my ballet classes to keep everything in place.
      See book dr Van Cauwenberghe & Michio Kushi.
      – I also used crushed cabbage leaves. Crush a leave with your dough roller or a bottle so the nerves are broken a bit, put it on the swollen area. Renew every few hours.
      Cover with cotton towel or handkerchief, keep it in place with a legwarmer or a scarf.
      – A homeopathic anti-inflammation without any side effets is Pyrogenium 30K. I took 3 granules 3 times a day. Consult your pharmacist or do some research on internet.
      – Since yesterday I started using 2 cell salts from dr Schussler. Although I have been into holistic medicine for 30 years, I had never heard about these mineral salts. An Austrian friend told me about them. /
      I use calcium fluoride and calcium phosfate, helpful for bone and joint problems.
      Too early for an evaluation yet. Follow my updates under : Desperate, knee still stiff after 7 months.

      Hope these remedies give you any relief.

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      Holy hell! If it’s a TPF, then most likely you should not be putting any weight on it. Swelling is your body’s way of telling you something inside is either inflamed or infectious, both of which are not good signs.

      I used to be so against pills of any kind — and still am, preferring to tough it out — but something like this requires you to be smart, not tough. I have a sharp pain in my groin that wreaks havoc with my sleep, and tylenol takes the edge off pretty well. My doctor also prescribed me Percocet, and that’s also pretty effective, too.

      But see a doctor and keep nagging medical professionals until someone helps you. Nobody else will be your advocate and look out for you the way you deserve.

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      I am so sorry you are in pain. Is there any way you can see your CT scan to determine what your bone looks like? Can you get to an orthopedic surgeon or are you rationed/restricted?
      I would see your GP again because the swelling can be dangerous.

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      Wow! You need to go see a better doctor. Doesn’t sound like you should walk on it until you find out what’s actually wrong. Can’t hurt to stay off it until then.

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