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    I severely and violently dislocated both of my knees on June 6th 2014. My life has changed forever. Here’s all what has happened. I tore my ACL,PCL, and LCL in both knees. In my left knee I also severely damaged/tore my peroneal nerve which has caused drop foot. Also tore my biceps femoris and meniscus. In my right knee I have a medial TPF, meniscus tears, and tore off my patellar tendon. Two days after my accident I had surgery repairing the patellar tendon and I got external fixators on both legs which I wore for 6 weeks. Those things are pure hell! After having the external fixators removed I began horrible painful rehab of trying to gain range of motion before I could get surgery on each knee. My left knee and all of its problems were repaired on August 15 2014 and then on September 15 2015 I had surgery on the right knee. The first four weeks after surgery were some of the most painful and darkest days of my life. I have been doing rehab almost every day since and it has gotten somewhat easier but it is still the biggest struggle I have ever faced. My drop foot in my left foot has started to heal just a little bit. For those that do not know drop foot sucks! I have severe nerve pain that shoots down the left side of my lower leg and through my foot. Drop foot is when you can not lift your foot and toes. I am able to lift all of my toes now except the big one and I can lift my foot about 2 inches off the ground. When it comes to my right knee the tribal plateau fracture cause me pain all day everyday. The bone from the top of my knee is pushing out on the skin making it noticeable that something is very wrong. This right knee that has the fracture is such a pain. I work out 4 to 6 days a week and every day is hard. Not knowing what will be or how long this pain will continue is very hard to deal with mentally. I just keep telling myself. Never give up and never give in!

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