Broke my tibia just under knee , non displaced.

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    I’m visiting my wife’s parents in Puerto Rico right now and I went to help my wife’s uncle with some yard work. Ended up slipping on a big greasy washer trying to get away from bees that had a hive right where I was working. So my leg went straight up hyper extending and my own bone broke itself from the force. I went to the bone doc and he looked at the x rays and said it wasn’t displaced at all , so he put me in a cast for six weeks. I still wonder why no MRI was done?

    Now six weeks later I’m out of the cast , my bone is healing and I’m in a knee brace , my leg looks horrible at first sight I could barely stand it. My upper and lower leg looked as if it had lost all muscle. It looked like a wet dog. There wasn’t any bruising though. Its been two weeks in the brace now and I seem to have almost full ROM back in my knee , but my leg looks no bigger. My quadricep is still gone. It slopes up to my knee making my knee look huge. Also my knee is still not normal looking. Its very much rounder than the other. Its weird because its normal color but it has no dimples like the other knee . I asked for an MRI , but still have not had one scheduled. Is this normal? And no I never had any surgery. I’m non wb right now and not feel pain unless I try too many exercises , then my knee hurts. I seem to be the only one worried about my acl , MCL and anything else with my knee.

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