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    HI All,I suffered a TPF last 25th March when jumping hurdles during my running training. It was quite a nasty one due to large fragmentation and damaged my cartilage and joints. I had surgery 2 days later, i required a plate and 5 pins and some bone grafting from my hips. I am a very active 29 year old, i used to train every day, running, gym etc. I am now into the 8th week, still no weight bearing and still on 45% ROM in the ROM splint. I have a very good physio who gives me quite a large range of daily exercises. One thing I am experiencing is dry skin on the sole of my foot, almost flaking on a daily basis. Has anyone experienced the same thing? I am assuming it has something to do with the non-weight bearing.

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      I’ve had that too. I think it’s because you’re not able to naturally slough the dead skin off by walking and it builds up. It will go away after while, not my incision is peeling. that’s an odd site.

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      hey Ruth iam in my 3rd week nwb i noticed the same thing flaky dead skin sorta i just moisturize and foot massage helps to get the blood circulation going.

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