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    I fell 30 feet off a mountain on Sunday July 13. I had to be rescued by helicopter in Sequoia National Park. I just saw my doctor yesterday and no course of action yet prescribed. I have a TPF as well as a tibial spine avulsion. No level of severity diagnosed yet. I am in a leg brace without much pain, am icing and trying to keep the flexing…

    I am so glad I found this site and it is very helpful. Best healing wishes to all of you.

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      Here is my latest news – I had good news yesterday as well. After being NWB for 6 weeks after my accident (tibial spine avulsion injury), I was told that the knee is strong and the bone has healed.

      My doctor told me to start putting 25% weight on it with two crutches for one week, and every 3 days going to more and more weight.

      Next week I am going down to a single crutch (interestingly, on the opposite side of my injury – my right knee was injured, so I am to use my left crutch).

      After 2 weeks, No more crutches and I can start walking.

      I am starting physical therapy today, twice/week for the next several months, and hope to be running in 4 weeks.

      Best, LisaB

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