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    Pamela Taylor

    Hello everyone.
    I am experiencing flashbacks from the accident where I fractured my tibia plateau. This happened in Barbados on January 16/15 and we were flown back to Toronto 10 days later. I had a repair operation at North York Hospital on Jan. 27/15. I am struggling with these fflashbacks as well as the lack of mobility. Before this accident I did spin classes 3 times a weeks and weight training 5 hours a week. As I said to my physio person who came to the house today, this is such a difficult time and the flashbacks male it even more so.

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      Pamela Taylor

      Hi Tammy
      By flashbacks I mean when I close my eyes I see the accident happening again. I fractured my tibia getting out of the ocean in Barbados and nearly drowned as well.
      The flashbacks are lessening but they are still there.
      I hope this clarifies the flashback question.
      Thank you.

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      Tammy Barrett

      No matter what the level/degree of injury its a bad injury. Although, when you say flashbacks what exactly do you mean?

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