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    What can I do about foot and ankle pain. It’s been 9 months since my injury and I can’t take it anymore. I already had 2 cortisone shots and the pain came back. My foot is swollen after walking for few mins.

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      Patricia Lewis

      I did my TPF 14 months ago ,still have a lot of foot and ankle pain the best thing I have found is to go swimming, in the pool I can exercise my knee and foot and ankle with no pain,H have to swim with a noodle as my leg drags me down I have two metal plates and a load of crushed bone to mend the fracture and I have now got the feeling back underneath my foot.

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      Allen Block

      Thanks Rich was released from Pt last week my ROM is 115 can ride a stationary bike no problem there still have a little difficulty with walking big toe is a little swollen as well as foot ankle isn’t too bad but when waking up in the mornings back of leg at the bottom inside is very tight seeing my surgeon tomorrow

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      Rich M

      Forgot to mention: My PT is the same for both legs, ankle, knee, foot since both legs are not functioning normal with NWB on one leg & other not walking normally. Good luck, work hard doing PT. Everyone seems to say PT is so important.

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      Rich M

      Don’t know results yet since still NWB but my PT includes many foot & ankle and even toe exercises and stretches to hopefully avoid foot/ankle pain. Time will tell but sounded like a good idea. You may want to discuss with your PT provider

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      Allen Block

      Had surgery 1/10/2018 using CPM machine & P/T do not use crutches I have a wheel chair & walker have become a good hopper was in rehab for 20 days & improved my upper body strength my biggest problem right now is my ankle & shin they are both very tight & sore and my big toe feels very tight very uncomfortable any recommendations for this

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      vickie garnand

      I fell and crushed tibia in Aug 2017 surgery 3 days later. It has been around 16 weeks doctor gave me ok on 100% weight bearing, my knee still swollen but inside of my foot/ ankle really hurts when I walk on it.. im taking it slow but that hurt is a sharp shooting pain when I put pressure .

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      My TPF-initiated foot pain went away; however, I had different foot pain than what you describe. Is it possible you had some nerve damage from the accident or surgery? My surgery nerve damage improved over time. I hope you mend well.


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      I stepped down stairs and broke my tibia plateau on 2 sides. Had surgery with 2 plates an screws. Right after surgery the inside part of my foot hurt and I had no feelund on the side of my big toe. The foot pain bothered me more than the knee. I was really scared to start weight bearing at the 6 week time because my foot felt like it had blisters on the bottom of it. It has now been 12 weeks since the surgery. I am walking slowly, but I still have some foot pain. My pT. and Podiatrist both said I would just have to wait it out. But I could walk better if the pain was gone. Has anyone had a very tight feeling in their shin and calf area?

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      Great news! The foot and ankle pain will go away. I no longer have discomfort in my foot. However, my knee pain is back. I did receive 3 cortisone shots after my injury and I wore soft air cast for my ankle

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      I had foot/ankle pain, although not as bad as it sounds like you are having.

      From all of my research and talks with my care providers, this is normal with increased physical activity after a TPF. After a TPF one has to severely limit movement and activity. The muscles, soft tissues, and nerves all can get very “lazy” from this time off from performing like they generally do.

      As such when they are first called on to behave in a somewhat normal fashion, there may be some pain involved. I was told I just needed to work through it.

      Think of it as another gift given to you by a TFP! But if it continues too much longer or is just too intense, talk to your doctor.

      Good luck!

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      Had my break and surgery beginning June. Recovery was going really well – exercising, stairs, walking longer and longer distances and then… starting getting ankle psin and now 3 days a lot of pain and I can hardly walk. Do not recall having done anything different or any moment of recognition that I might have hurt something. Anyone have experience with this kind of thing during recovery?

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      My injury happened at the end of july. I work construction and have been back to work for a week now. My biggest problem is my ankle pain. It makes it hard to walk in the correct range of motion. I do not take pain killers but it hurts. My physio says its good to be on the leg but not sure about this ankle pain.

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      marion gibbins

      My physio has taught me relaxation techniques which help sometimes in reducing the medication I need ,this is with 3 lower leg fractures I don’t know how they would work with foot and ankle problems ,one is to sit with your legs dangling crossed at the ankles if possible then RELAX ,think of kids swinging their feet of a dock (boardwalk )The other is to lie flat with your toes pointing towards you then one leg at a time push with your heel as if you were pushing sand hold to the count of 5 then relax .

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      Sarah Morthland

      It has been three months since my fracture and eleven weeks since my surgery. I have just been given the go-ahead to weight bear using a walker. My knee and leg feel fine so far, but my foot can barely stand partial weight and it frequently swells. My PT suspects my weakened calf muscles are a large part of the problem, especially with my heel pain. We are focusing on building the calf muscle and stretching. Massage and reflexology also help the foot enormously, as does 20 minutes of elevation and icing periodically throughout the day.

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      I hope someone can answer this question. My break was in June an dthe pain in my ankle and foot is sometimes unbearable. I can see how people get addicted to pain medication. Any help would be greatly taken..

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