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    sandra payson


    I am a 57 years old female. I was dancing and twisted my knee. It turned sharply inward (knock-kneed) and I fell on it. I used R.I.C.E. and then hobbled around for 4 weeks before seeing a doctor (yesterday). Anyway, I have a tibia plateau fracture (lateral) plus a compression fracture. I also tore my medial ligament.

    The doctor says it appears to be healing and no surgery is indicated at this time.

    Are there persons with tp fractures like mine that have NOT had to undergo surgery? Could you please share your recovery experiences and outcomes? I would be greatly appreciative.


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      The tingling and some times pain that is felt that is new and different areas is said to be normal as the tissues, muscles etc are getting used to being used again

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      I had a skiing accident on the 1/3/14 and suffered a TPF x3 with a small non displaced break.
      5 weeks in a hinged brace set at 30 degrees and week 6 have started partial weight bearing and 90 degree hinged brace. Nt taking pain meds anymore but finding it hard to bend the knee past 50 degrees. Whne walking with both crutches have pins and needles in the ball of the food and sometimes feel a click under the knee. Start Physio this week and just trying to work through this. Really hard being reliant on others and onot being able to drive kills me.
      Everyone says it will be 3/4 months before i feel anywehere close to before.
      This ecovery is hard, but have to try and stay focussed .
      Good luck it has to get better .

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      I fell in my house Jan. 29th after getting snow on my shoes. I had a tibia plateau fracture and did not require surgery. I was put in a removable brace and did not put any weight on my foot for 6 weeks. It has been hard letting someone wait on me hand and foot. After the 6 weeks, the xray showed that it was healed( small fracture) The Dr. said my bigger problem was all of the bone spurs in my knee(which is still a little swollen.)
      He told me to start putting 50-75 % weight on my leg. I am now using a cane a walker and only take Aleve for pain. I wake up every morning in pain but once I straighten out my body and move around, it goes away. When I sit too long, my leg feels like concrete.
      I want to know if anyone experiences foot pain when you begin to walk again. When I put weight on my foot, the ball of my foot feels tender and it is painful. Is this from not walking on the foot for so long? I am trying to do some exercises to toughen up the area. Any ideas?

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      S H

      Hi Sandy,
      Had a 2000 pound horse kick both legs. Dragged myself out of range 12/21/2013 and was non weight bearing on the right leg with TPF until 3/11/2014. Am walking slowly now as crutches and cane present more hazards than without. Therapist says to expect 8 to 12 months before full recovery i.e. full range of motion, no swelling, no pain. My calves cramp with to much hobbling.
      So tincture of time.
      Thanks for the website.
      S H

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      Reesa Barr

      Hi Sandy,

      On February 4th, 2010 on my way to the gym at 6:30am, I slipped and fell on an icy sidewalk. When I landed, I wiggled both hips, and checked out my knees and was relieved that only embarrassment had occurred. When a man on the street offered to help me get up, I accepted and that how the tpf occurred – my foot slipped on the ice and my knee torqued and the rest is history.

      I didn’t require surgery once they figured out what I had because I also tried the RICE protocol for a few days before going for x-rays. I was put into a Zimmer brace and told to remain home and off it for 8 weeks. My doctor is a form believer that you only have one chance to heal properly and that way you avoid future problems resulting from a tpf. After 8 weeks, I started physiotherapy but was then informed that my doctor believed in non weight bearing up to 6 months. Although that frustrated me, I listened because I trusted him. The physiotherapists at the hospital where he is Chief of Orthopedics told me that he is the only one who follows this protocol, but they all agreed that his patients rarely have problems later – that was all I needed to hear.

      To be truthful, the entire recovery experience has a nightmare emotionally because I am extremely independent and requiring others to do almost everything for me was a real eye-opener. However, I realize now, almost 4 years later to the day, that everything I did resulted in me being able to tell you that today I sometimes have to think about which knee I broke! I have had no problems since and I don’t ever feel pain.

      So, be really patient. Don’t rush the healing. It takes about a year to be back to new but it’s worth it. Good luck!

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