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    I had a TPF – Schatkzer II on 3.12.2013.
    See my story under “Desperate, knee remains stiff after 7 months”. It still is stiff …
    I would like to share information on natural remedies I used.

    Thanks to my family doctor, not my surgeon, I was prescribed the above supplements.
    Unfortunately I started far too late with calcium and vitamine D, 7 months after my accident.
    As many people have deficiencies, I would use these supplments asap after the fracture, since they promote bone and cartilage healing.
    An alternative are Schussler Salts, as advised by an Austrian friend.
    I take salt number 1 and 2.

    Ginger pack
    Ginger can speed up the regeneration of damaged tissue and of broken bones.
    I used ginger packs 2-3 times a day, during 8-10 days.
    Stopped treatment when I felt improvement, started again when needed.
    Tofu plaster
    Instead of an ice pack to cool off your knee, you can also use a tofu plaster.
    Unlike ice, a tofu plaster does not hurt after a while and is even better, as it absorbs the fever and the heat far more efficiently than ice.
    The first 3 months I put a tofu plaster on my knee before going to bed. In the morning the tofu looked fried, from absorbing the excessive heat!
    Cut slices of about 1 cm thick, put them on your knee, then a cotton towel on top, keep in place with a leg warmer or an old sock from which you cut off the foot (so you are left with a tube).
    Important: never put plastic over the packing!
    Tofu Plaster
    I neither crush, nor mix the tofu with flower. Found out slices work as well, and require less work.
    Another, old Swiss, remedy: (white or green) cabbage leaves
    Crush 1-3 leaves with a cake roller or a bottle, so as to flatten the veins a bit.
    Put one or more leaves on your knee.
    To keep in place: same method as with the tofu plaster.
    Change every 2-3 hours.

    The above treatments do help, but are time-consuming.
    For very informative and detailed information, consult Macrobiotic Home Remedies, Michio Kushi & dr Marc Van Cauwenberghe
    Another informative book: The Macrobiotic Path to Total Health, Michio Kushi & ALex Jack

    To relieve back pain (from being unable to sleep on your side) and to improve the circulation in your knee and leg, I have been receiving a shiatsu massage every 1-2 weeks since months now. Unlike physio treatments that may be painful, shiatsu is relaxing and soothing!
    It may be expensive to some of you. But bear in mind: every euro/dollar spent on your health is a good investment!
    Since October 2008 the banks hardly give any interest on your savings. So better invest money in yourself as you will benefit In the short and long run.
    I restarted my yoga classes in April. Although I have to skip half of the exercises (when knee or heel positions are involved), yoga is beneficial for body and mind.

    The conventional anti-inflammation medication has serious secondary effects, especially on the stomach.
    I used a homeopathic remedy, efficient and without any side effects: Pyrogenium 30K
    I took 3 granules 3 times a day. You can increase the dosage if required.
    Don’t buy medication on the web (risk of counterfeit products!), go to a pharmacy where you also can get advise.
    If in doubt, consult a homeopathic doctor.

    I was depressed for months after my accident and I still have many bad days.
    Suffered 3-4 months of insomnia, cried more in these 9 last months than in my whole life.
    Find it especially tough that the driver who ran me over, robbed me of my most precious possession: my health.
    I’ll never be able to run of jump. Maybe not even sit on my knees or heels again.
    I have been using 2 Bach flower essences. After a week only, my mood improved and I am feeling better mentally.
    Check out what would help you best: http://www.bachflower.com/

    Hope this information can contribute to a better revalidation.

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      Hello Eileen,

      Squeezing and holding muscles is indeed efficient to hold your muscle tone.
      I do this during hydrotherapy and with my physiotherapist.
      Since 2 weeks now I have been practising in the pool with a half kilo ankle weight on my injured leg.
      I also cycle daily, up to 15 minutes.

      No change yet in my mobility. I still can’t bend my knee sufficiently, so I limp.
      And as a result, I still suffer from pain in R knee, R hip and lower back.
      Once the hardware is removed, I should be able to walk normally.
      Will keep you informed.


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      This was a nice share.

      I will ad that squeezing and holding muscles helps with muscle tone. And that it is possible to work out with weights with every part except the injured knee.

      I hope you are mending.


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