I decided against the surgery, now what?

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    I am a 50yr old woman who on November 16th took my dog to the dog park we always go to and that day I was run into by a 60lb Sharpei so hard that I ended up with a Tibia plateau fracture on my outer left leg. I was advised by two orthopedic surgeons to have surgery to put a steel plate in and possibly a screw or two. Because of some health problems not the least of which is a blood disorder that causes me to take Coumadin and have chronic anemia, as well as chronic bone marrow pain, I decided against the surgery. I’m also supposed to be moving to Florida by the end of this year so maybe you can see my dilemma! I still wear the brace during the day, but I’ve been taking it off at night for about a week. I should also tell you that there were no pieces broken off, just what they call an indentation or like a “pothole”. The pain has gotten so much better than it was and I’m hoping not to ever have the surgery, but I need some advice on what to do next. I have full range of motion with very little pain and still a tiny bit of swelling at the knee. Any help or suggestions would be truly appreciated!! Thank you…

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      I am sorry the surgery was not an option for you. I would ask your orthopedic to show you the images and discuss your next-best therapy. I hope you find assistance and healing.


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