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    I got into a car accident and I had a tpf. I didnt know for two weeks because the doctors only took xrays until they took MRI’s and saw my leg was messed up. I was put on non weight bearing. It is non displaced. But honestly, I’ve been hobling around on it because it never really hurt. But now there is this weird more uncomfortable than painful feeling in that area. I’m honestly very scared now. I dont know what to do. I go back to the doctors in a few days.

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      Jason the first thing I’d say is to be completely non-weight bearing immediately!! I was hobbling around on mine too, though just for one week, until I had an MRI. (thought it was an ACL tear) My doctor told me that with this fracture, especially at this point, you can’t go by pain as a guideline. I would rest .. your leg & your self, actually, as much as you can. And also follow the other guidelines on this site as far as nutrition, etc…. things that promote healing.

      I don’t know whether or not you should try to see someone earlier, or if that’s even possible.

      good luck!

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