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    I suffered tpf non-displaced. Four weeks after the injury my knee became extremely swollen. Aspiration had a return of 35cc bright red fluid. Has this happened to anyone? I was on bedrest witha hinged knee brace.Mri showed extension of the fracture into the joiny, but couldnt visulize Meniscus because of fluid.Ive started PT, but Im feeling a little blue. Any input is welcome.

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      There is lots of good information on this site. For example, you may want to read under “recovery.” That said, I don’t know what physiotherapy entails. I went to a physical therapist who showed me how to do glute and quad squeezes and a few other exercises to get me through the NWB period. Now that I am PWB, I go to PT once per week and I do those exercises on my own several times every day.

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      My right leg has atrophied so much I feel like its going to take forever to get back to where I was strength wise. I want to work hard but I don’t want to over do it and cause another injury or even re injure my TPF. Do you think I should ask my dr for physiotherapy or PT? What’s the difference anyway?

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      Jay Jay

      Marina, your doctor may not want you to have PT, but you might want to ask your him/her. I know some doctors or OS’ want their patients to start PT early on like mine; howeever, it was only ROM physiotherapy only.

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      I had to have 60cc of fluid (bright red fluid) aspirated from my knee too. Was not to fun.. I broke my right TP on April 26 and still non weight bearing until at least July 30. And my dr has not even mentioned PT to me.. I’m kind of in the dark as to what will happen next..

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      I have a fair amount of swelling (I am 8 weeks out of the injury and 7 weeks out of surgery). My PT is to work on ROM. I am non-weight bearing and will be stuck in a wheelchair for another 6 weeks…I also broke an elbow in my motorcycle crash so cannot use crutches or walkers.

      I hear ya. This certainly gets old and those moods come on fast and heavy. Progress must be measured in the smallest of increments, but it does happen.

      Hold on in there!

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