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    Judy McAuley

    I had tibial plateau surgery on Nov 23 that included placement of rods and pins. I started assisted walking on April 3 and am now walking with a cane but I am unable to remain on my feet for more than 10 minutes at a time. I have pain on the left side of my knee that becomes unbearable after 10 minutes and am worried that I may have a torn ligament or tendon (what’s the difference?) that was not detected. Has anyone had any similar experience?

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      Hi Cyndie

      Hope you’re doing better now and the pain has eased. I had tpf on 27 April on left knee – smashed tibia (grade VI) and broken fibia. I’ve been PWB for last 3 weeks and also have pain under knee cap and to the inside – it’s not continuous and feels as though it’s very badly bruised – think this is due to bruised nerve endings as everything else is plated/pinned.

      I agree with you that noone really knows what you’re going through and it’s soooooo frustrating – am ok most of the time and am dealing with the boredome etc better now but can only do basic physio to strengthen quads & hamstring as they’ve pretty much wasted away. Back to see surgeon again next week so hoping to be given the go ahead for FWB so that I can start more intense physio and hopefully start walking and driving again as at the moment, I can’t imagine walking again.

      Take care

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      Tpf feb 15/14 right leg
      In full cast for five weeks then leg brace 8 weeks with weaning off brace currently.
      Went back to work six weeks in for mental and physical benefits. It was hard at first even working only part time. Pt 2times a week. Swimming 1x aweek and bike riding daily. Just starting to complete full weight bear with walker with four wheels. See improvement each day. Right now dealing with very sore inside of knee with full weight bearing. Seems to be just left and a little below the knee cap. There is some swelling but nothing major.

      This has been a real experience and I do not wish it upon anyone! I feel my life has changed in a blink of an eye but I’m fighting back! It’s the inability that’s the hardest for I was very active in my life.

      Thankyou for letting me talk out loud because for the most part people do not understand or get what u r going through

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      Hello Judy! I think I was about a month after you with my fracture (12/13/13). I progressed from walker to cane. Stopped using the cane in the house, but developed back pain from limping so pt suggested I use the cane more as my leg is still very weak. I am now five months post surgery. I still cannot stand for more than ten to fifteen minutes. Still unable to work as my job requires walking most of a ten hour day. ROM is still only @100-108 degrees. Still going to pt twice per week and doing several things at home. I still can’t cook a meal without having to sit at some point, but I can cook! My family and pt keep reminding me how far I’ve come. I was still in wheelchair in February. A lot of things are much easier. The pains and weakness are still there, some days better than others. I drove by myself to pt for the first time this week. (It is my right leg). OS is pleased at my progress, slow and steady. Just too slow for me of course! How is your recovery coming along? Very well I hope. Thanks to all for sharing.

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      HI Dawn & Kate,
      Thanks for feedback. Kate – Yes, my surgery was outer knee (right leg) as well as
      behind knee. Dawn, good to know nervedoes improve. I think mine should as well, but not sure because it is so slow and so many other variables (aches and pains) that go with it! ha ha
      I have an appt with neurologist in earlier May for testing. I think my calf muscle is not strengthening due to nerve issue – still just looks atrophied despite thousands of exercises. Just have to do my past and wait.

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      I had TPF surgery 4 months ago. And I have really annoying pain on the inside of my knee when I put weight on the leg. I assume your surgery, like mine, was on the other side? I’m sure my pain is nerve related because all it takes to induce pain is to touch the area lightly with my fingers. I had to convince myself that this pain was not important, and to just try to ignore it. With continued exercise I find that the pain is getting less intense. But with any pain, don’t hesitate to ask your OS about it. It could be a simple thing that he can remedy easily.

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      I’m at 9 weeks, simple TPF, no-surgery, age 52. Just okayed for PWB. 2 days of PWB – no new knee pain. That may change with more aggressive physio starting soon. In response to barb, I have tingling/numbness in foot from previous back injury (Winter, 2012). Nerve repair is VERY slow but continues to improve. I’ve found that sometimes massage can help if muscles are impinging on nerve. Good luck!

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      Hi Judy,

      I had my injury at similar time to you – TPF and ankle break on Nov, 14 – external fixator & surgery a week later on Tibia (2 plates front and back of knee). Cast put on ankle for 6 weeks.
      I was NWB for about 10 weeks post-op. Began physio at 8 weeks post op – Jan 23rd.
      Got onto crutches at this point and then began PWB over subsequent weeks in addition to
      many exercises to regain quads. (I’ve done over 26,000 exercises! plus pool work)
      I’m currently able to use one crutch at home but cannot fully weight bear on leg, still need that bit of crutch support – due to knee pain, muscle weakness, etc.
      I can ‘just’ lift myself up onto a 15cm/8in step and keep balance without holding anything and then lower back down standing on bad leg.

      Re: pain in knee. My knee feels like a jumbled mess (now 16 weeks post op) lots of clicking and grinding as I walk.
      btw – did you mean March 3, not April 3 for walking with cane? – must be because it isn’t April yet.

      I too have had localised pain in one part of the knee which makes walking hard, but after a few days I found it had eased – I think as muscles strengthen through continued exercises. Anything pain-wise that lasts for an extended period of time (like a week or more) you should definitely have checked out. I’ve come to realise that this is a VERY slow injury to recover from – progress cannot be assess daily but more 1-2 weekly – then I can notice an improvement.

      I also have found that despite my looking for others with similar situations, there just aren’t two injuries/bodies exactly the same. But be encouraged that so many people do improve over time. Be patient and keep up with what exercises you can do that don’t cause you pain. If standing for longer than 10 minutes is too painful, don’t do that unless advised by a professional/physio or Dr. to persist with it.

      Or perhaps do 5 minutes, rest and ice (if you get swelling – plus it feels nice!) and then do another 5. Your leg muscles will strengthen.
      My physio has consistently told me not to do anything that causes acute knee pain.

      Another factor that has slowed my process has been nerve damage from tournequet – I have a constant numbness and pins needles in lower leg and foot – I haven’t come across others with this either despite looking and looking for a voice that could help me.
      This damage is also VERY slow to fix itself – so I’m just waiting as walking on a foot that feels it is ‘asleep’ only adds to the difficulty!

      hope that rambling helps.

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