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    I am 4.5 weeks out from ORIF surgery for tibial plateau fracture. Also had compartment syndrome and torn meniscus.

    My overall pain level has come down, but after my last PT session (5 days ago) I’ve been left with horrible muscle and tendon spasms in the back of my leg, mainly hamstring and back of knee.

    They are so bad that I can’t walk with my walker without it completely contracting, causing substantial pain to the point of screaming. It also happens when I am trying to bend my knee, making it impossible to work on my ROM exercises.

    I was prescribed a muscle relaxer Flexeril by my OS, but after taking one dose it hasn’t let up any.

    Does anyone have any experience with this? Did it last long? Any tips or tricks to get rid of it? It is really sidelining my recovery as I’m not able to do PT right now.

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      Nate – thanks for sharing your experience. I am having similar symptoms after a tough PT session – very tight muscles behind my knee and difficulty bending it, even after I had pretty good flexibility before, i.e., ~ 135 degree bend.

      It’s now very tight and painful. I have been using calf and hamstring stretches to try to mitigate, and breath through the tension.

      The stretching is helping a little, but both ice and heat have brought some relief as well.

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      Ali – I had involuntary spasm at night also – my PT said they are common and get better. A Tylenol helped them settle down.

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      4 weeks since surgery – i have experienced spasms in the thigh muscles when sleeping – which wake me up. Sometimes i think the body forgets that the leg is in a cast, and tries to move to a more natural position, causing said spasms. Just leave me with a feeling that the knee is very weak, without lingering pain.

      Sorry i don’t have any suggestions on how to improve this feeling. Get well soon!

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