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    Sandra Peterson-Fisher

    I found a leg brace online that has been a wonderful help for me as a non-weight bearing TPF person. I only wish I had ordered it earlier. It is called the Freedom Leg Brace from Forward Mobility. I told my operating surgeon about it and asked his advice. After a month of waiting, I ordered it without his “blessing”. I really wish I had not waited. It did take me a week or so to get used to using the brace but it is so worth it. I can walk up and down stairs and all around with both hands free to carry or do what needs to be done. (Caution – you should keep one hand free on stairs to grab a railing if necessary!) You can find it at I have no connection to this company other than being a very satisfied customer. They were very good about answering my questions through email and phone calls. (The cost is under $500 and they say most insurance companies will cover it. I did not try to get my insurance company to cover it.) All professionals who have seen the brace since I got it have been impressed – this includes 2 Ortho surgeons and a number of physical therapists.

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      Sandra, thanks so much for posting this! I just found this site yesterday, & also recently found information about the Freedom Leg Brace. I intended to ask if anyone had tried it, & so this is perfect! Does the brace put a lot of pressure on your thigh? I have mild circulation issues, and was concerned about that.

      Could you tell me a little about your specific injury, & how far along you are in recovery? (sorry if you’ve posted that somewhere else…)

      thanks! & I’m so happy this has helped you.

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