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    I had my tpf in early June after being hit on my motorcycle and was operated on the next day, ending up with a plate and 9 screws and a permanent 3 mm deformity. I was NWB for 9 and a half weeks. I wore a brace which gave me about 105 degrees or flexation. The middle of August I was allowed to weight bear with a crutch and graduated to a cane. The only pain I really had was on the bottom of my foot….I started physio this last week and have started doing 10 minutes on the bike leg presses and electrical stimulation. I don’t use the cane anymore and except for the bottom of my foot my leg feels pretty good, except there is some swelling around the knee, which the physio therapist thought was normal. He did say I was ahead of the game. I think that was because I was allowed to flex my leg from the beginning and did tons of leg raises when immobilized on the couch. Although I’m not completely back…. I sure feel better about my prospects.

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      Hey Fred, glad to hear you’re doing better! I remember you had some pretty dark and worrisome days not too long ago, so it’s nice to hear you’ve rounded a curve.

      I got the same news from my PT about swelling. She said it was normal and probably wouldn’t go away until roughly New Year’s. Keep hangin’ in there – you’re doing awesome!

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