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    I fell off a motorbike in september 2012 and suffered a TPF of my left knee , no surgery, advised rest and recovery for 6 weeks, started rehab after 8 weeks, on till date. I had torn my ACL during the fall and underwent arthroscopy and meniscus repair in Dec 2013.

    After RR, started rehab in mid jan 2014, now experiencing lower limb lag and 5 degree bony restriction during extension but the knee copes up very well with near full flexion. I can squat fairly comfortably.
    Due to the restriction, i have a pronounced limp, unable to walk fast and also experience mild instability on uneven surfaces.
    Weight bearing is also more on my right leg, hence those muscles are over worked and the other under worked. My physio is putting me thru the mill thrice a week.
    I welcome suggestions / advice from anyone who had similar issues and how they achieved full recovery. My intent is to run comfortably in six months and of course ride a bike earlier 🙂

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