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    Pamela Taylor

    Has anyone got any clues about how to have sex after this operation that I had 3 weeks ago?
    I am 64 and just got remarried in June 2014 and this lack of mobility etc. is taking it’s toll on our relationship in the intimacy department.
    I hope this question is not too out there for this forum.

    Thank you.

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      I’m a married male and we knew the TPF and surgery would impact this aspect of our marriage. We decided vaginal sex was out for a couple of months. Could not think of any low risk positions. We have been relying on oral sex for me and a variety of other foreplay things for my wife. Not ideal, but better than abstaining for 10 weeks. We only waited about 2 weeks after surgery to start.

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      I had sex with a tibial plateau fracture when it was just 4weeks old, doctor told me not to, but I could not help it, and now I’m scared of the consequences

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      Desiree Hegedus

      I can understand everyone’s frustrations with this…. I’m single and feel I’ve aged 10yrs, haven’t gotten my hair done in months, haven’t don’t anything I use to do to feel attractive, so I’ve isolated myself to the house, also winter weather don’t help… This TPF has caused just as much emotional pain as physical….

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      T T T

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      It isn’t just a concern for women. My leg is horrible to look at because of the compartment syndrome. Two huge, ugly wounds on my lower leg, the scars at my knee from the repair, the scars in my lower leg and thigh from the temporary external fixator, and then the very large skin graft donor sight (for the fasciotomy openings) that starts at my knee and ends above my hip. When my wife first saw all of this I know she through it was gross (although she would never say so) and she was afraid to do anything that might lead to injury. It also was a concern for me.
      Sex is not nearly as active as before. However, she has to do all the work now which isn’t such a bad thing! Things should get better once I can get to weight bearing but it is certainly challenging for now.

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      Pamela Taylor

      Thank you to both of you.
      I know it is a “private” subject and I really appreciate the feedback.

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      hah! Sorry to laugh but I am going through the same trials and tribulations. This injury has put a real strain on my relationship with my bf. Mainly through feeling unattractive with my useless leg and a knock to my confidence being housebound. Sex is possible so long as your partner is gentle and your leg is pushed to the side. Just be really careful & it’s ok. Very plain sex just on your back but better than nothing

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      well I feel a little funny posting about this, but you will have to make some adjustments for sure. nothing involving, um, kneeling or weight bearing on your bad leg. the rest will depend on how good your balance is. I reccommend being on the bottom for a while. heck, you can even keep your brace on if you’re more comfortable

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