Stuck at 60 and a foot problem as well now!!!

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    Pamela Taylor

    Hi everyone.
    I had surgery on Jan. 27/15 and have faithfully been doing PT exercises 3 times a day. I can’t get this leg to bend and am getting not only frustrated but despondent. I was an avid exerciser before this and at 64 years of age I am getting concerned about getting back to walking let alone my spin classes! I have also developed problems with the ball my foot being very swollen and sore.
    will I ever get through this??

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      Good for you! I also got measured today at 68, so I am making slow progress, as well.

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      Pamela Taylor

      And so my physio person came today and I am at 75!!
      I think what made the difference is pushing my foot back with the other leg when I am sitting as well as continuing the exercises 3 times a day.
      Whatever it was I am excited at being full of hope for the first time since this has happened.
      I hope and pray that everyone else is having a good day as well.
      Keep on keeping on!

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      Pamela Taylor

      This is an awesome forum. I feel so much better tonight after reading your replies to my frustrating post. I appreciate it so much.

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      I wanted to say hello as we are both one month post op. Good luck and many sympathies to you. I am having a hard time of it with physio and I think coming on here and hearing from people going through the same thing really helps. xxx

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      Hang in there.

      A TPF is an injury that one must view healing and rehabbing from as a marathon, not a sprint.

      I am 9 months post my injury and continue to have all sorts of odd sensations and sounds coming from leg. Nerves, soft tissue, and of course bones are all involved.

      Take day by day, and if needed hour by hour. Some days you will see no progress, other day you will sense a good amount of progress. That’s normal.

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      Pamela Taylor

      Thank you Leslie
      I appreciate the support so much!
      Pamela with a smile

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      Hello Pamela,
      I can sense the frustration in your post but you are really in the very early stages at a month after surgery. I have learned how debilitating a tpf can be and I am still working on getting back to normal seven months post op. I am now waiting for hardware removal as my plate and screws are now causing me more pain despite the fact that my fracture is now healed. It is the knock on effects to other parts of the body that I have found I have to keep working on such as a tight hamstring and tight calf muscles especially after walking. I can’t quite straighten my leg so I know I am not walking properly and this causes tightness around the knee. However, I am driving again, I use my exercise bike daily now with tension and I have bought a treadmill to work on the walking. Patience and perseverance are the key words. Keep doing what you are doing and you will notice the small changes but they will be small. Each week that passes you will see improvements and you will get there. It will just take time. Try to stay positive as that is also an important part of the recovery. I wish you the very best of luck with your healing.
      Best wishes
      Lesley (UK)

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