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    marion gibbins

    I am sitting here in a physio hospital and atlast have found this wonderful site which has made me feel atlast as if I am not the only one who has this ,for me ,life changing injury.I factured both my fibia in 2 place and tibia in 1 when 2 chocolate labs charged into me.The inintial op went well be not being able to put weight on the leg for 8 wks was hard although I started physio a week after 8 days after the op ans now 12 wks later have graduated to crutches and a wheelchair .Walking frames are not encouraged here in France by the physios .I walk up and down the hospital corridors at the w/ends and have 3 hrs a day of both pool and physio. My main question is about pain management and how it is coped with .I find that it comes a while after the physio sessions so I find it difficult to say when I’ve done too much ,especially in the pool.

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      I often hurt more when I start new exercises after PT. However, I have found that much of the pain is followed by gain in mobility and strength. If the pain is too bad, however, I stop doing that activity until I fell ready for it.

      I wish you well.


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      Welcome, Marion.

      And on that note I am sorry you had to join our club!

      I deal with my pain with Tylenol, an occasions pain pill, and using a small TENS unit I purchased online, and using various things to not focus on my pain, like journaling, watching movies, and anything else I can.

      If the physio is pushing too hard at times or you can’t identify when you have had enough, speak up. If they are true professionals they will listen and discuss it with you. That being said, there will be some pain with all of this. Remember, TPFs are traumatic injuries.

      I do wish you well with good healing!

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